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This week in Gardening Club…

We have been sowing more seeds to prepare for the Summer Fete and collecting herbs to give to the Kitchen Staff.

If anyone has any empty jam jars, please could they bring them to Miss Carberry as Gardening Club need them prior to the Summer Fayre.

Thank you to Emily for the photographs this week. šŸ™‚

Ā There has been good news and not so good news this week…

The good news is that we have created new beds for our raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry and tayberry bushes located outside the front of the Polytunnel.

The unfortunate news is that some creatures (likely to have beaks) have entered the Polytunnel, when we left the doors open on the sunny days last week, and eaten our peas, courgettes and beans. Luckily we had the excellent Gardening Gurus to resow the lost seeds and transfer the remaining plants into beds.

It’s hotting up!

Thank goodness the temperature is getting warmer!

We have been able to harvest our leeks this week and give them to the kitchen to cook us up some delicious food.

We have planted some more seeds this week including french beans, peas, cucumbers and radishes.



It is Spring! Which means, it’s the time of year in which the Gardening Gurus will be at their busiest.

This week, we planted plenty of seedsĀ including courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, chives and many more. We are even experimenting by sowing watermelon seeds to see if they like it in our warm Polytunnel.

We are aiming to sell some of our produce and plants in a plant sale later this term and during next term, so please keep your eyes peeled for more information! (Dates to be confirmed)

Introducing the new Holme Grange Gardening Gurus!


On this foggy, dark Halloween afternoon, we found out we had had a terrible invasion over half term: SLUGS. Unfortunately they had enjoyed gorging themselves on ourĀ salad leavesĀ that we had planted before the half term break.

Therefore, the new Gardening Gurus re-planted the lettuce and cabbage leaves and we have moved them to a (hopefully) slug free area of the polytunnel.

On to the good news, the carrots are starting to shoot and the garlic bulbs are making excellent progress. The boys prepared a bed ready to transfer the garlic next week.

Amazingly, the butternut squash are still growing! The girls harvested some of the larger squash and we will wait for them to ripen and we are now thinking of our next produce to grow in their place.

Week 6 in Gardening Club

Our final week in Gardening Club…

We were very productive today in sowing seeds and bulbs in nearly every bed of our Polytunnel. The garlic bulbs have been planted in separate pots, the onions bulbs have been planted evenly in a smaller bed, the carrot seeds have been sewn.

We have also continued to plant salad leaves including a new addition, Mizuna.

Well doneĀ to all of the children in the first Autumn Team of Gardening Gurus. You have been wonderful gardeners and I hope you can continue to use the skills you have learnt in your gardens at home.

Thank you! šŸ™‚

Week 4 in Gardening Club

The Gardening Gurus celebrated this Monday as we were awarded our Level One RHS School Gardening Award! This will be awarded in Friday’s Assembly by Mrs Robinson so that we can share our achievements with everyone at school.

Now let’s aim to get Level Two!

Beau and Leila started sowing pansy seeds. The other children helped by watering our currently growing cabbage, lettuce, leeks and butternut squash and of course, looking for worms!