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 There has been good news and not so good news this week…

The good news is that we have created new beds for our raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry and tayberry bushes located outside the front of the Polytunnel.

The unfortunate news is that some creatures (likely to have beaks) have entered the Polytunnel, when we left the doors open on the sunny days last week, and eaten our peas, courgettes and beans. Luckily we had the excellent Gardening Gurus to resow the lost seeds and transfer the remaining plants into beds.

Week 6 in Gardening Club

Our final week in Gardening Club…

We were very productive today in sowing seeds and bulbs in nearly every bed of our Polytunnel. The garlic bulbs have been planted in separate pots, the onions bulbs have been planted evenly in a smaller bed, the carrot seeds have been sewn.

We have also continued to plant salad leaves including a new addition, Mizuna.

Well done to all of the children in the first Autumn Team of Gardening Gurus. You have been wonderful gardeners and I hope you can continue to use the skills you have learnt in your gardens at home.

Thank you! 🙂

Week 5 in Gardening Club

We had a slight problem this week when the watering system in the Polytunnel didn’t do it’s job, so we had to work as a team to ensure that all of our current produce was watered. After that, some of the children explored the new grounds around the Theatre and ensured all of the new plants were watered.

Our cabbage and lettuce is beginning to grow, so we have sowed some more seeds in the Polytunnel.

After all of our hard work, the Gardening Gurus had an excellent time collecting conkers! 🙂