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Power Patrol

This new energy game focuses on switching off the lights and avoiding hazards. Answer questions about energy to get extra points!

Switch Off Fortnight!


Switch of fortnight is an event held by POD/EDF energy which reminds people to switch off their lights and save energy. In 2012 the children of Broadmead primary school said that “The eco monitors felt very important not only checking the rooms for lights being left on but catching any teachers out!”

By Maddie

Eco Points to be announced this week!

This term we have started an Eco warrior group where we look after the environment keep it healthy and environmentally friendly. Among ourselves we have decided to start a 6 point system which is effectively where a few Eco warriors go round in their spare time and check if the have got maybe  (e.g.) their lights turned off or their interactive whiteboard is turned off…(etc) If they are in this present state then we will give a (red,purple,blue and green) bottle top to their class. As many of you know we have been collecting these coloured bottle top for this purpose, if you are not aware of this please do send us as many as possible. THANK YOU!!!!!!

At the end of the year there will be a count of how many bottle tops each class have and the class that have the most will get some kind of prize. Please ask any Eco Warriors or Mr.Boynes for any more details. We hope you enjoy our blog.

By Flavia