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Cycle to School

There has been such a good turn out for Cycle to School this year, with parents, pupils and teachers choosing two wheels to make their journey to school. The last date is after half term, on Thursday 8th June, so sign up now to be part of it!

Send your pictures to Mr Boynes of your experience to be included on the Eco blog.

Power Patrol

This new energy game focuses on switching off the lights and avoiding hazards. Answer questions about energy to get extra points!

Eco Warriors receive their new badges

Today the new crop of Eco warriors recieved their badges to show that they are part of the group.


The badge is a reminder to them that they have a responsibility to inspire their class in all things Eco and work together to fulfill the aims of the group.

Here’s to a new year of the Eco Warriors at Holme Grange!

Week 4 in Gardening Club

The Gardening Gurus celebrated this Monday as we were awarded our Level One RHS School Gardening Award! This will be awarded in Friday’s Assembly by Mrs Robinson so that we can share our achievements with everyone at school.

Now let’s aim to get Level Two!

Beau and Leila started sowing pansy seeds. The other children helped by watering our currently growing cabbage, lettuce, leeks and butternut squash and of course, looking for worms!


Go Pro Cyclists!

Take a look at this shot from the camera of Mr Wooster taken amid Cycle to School traffic. It’s great to see so many cyclists on the roads.


The Greenhouse Effect

This is a great video from YPTE (The Young People’s Trust for the Environment). It really clearly explains the process that is warming our planet.

There is a link to their website at the left-hand side of this page. Just click on YPTE to view some more informative videos.

Tilly says ‘Cycle to School’


Eco Logo Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Aurelia who has won the Eco Logo competition. The vote was undertaken during an Eco Committee meeting which took place last week. Aurelia will see her logo used on Eco letters, the Eco newsletter and on the Eco noticeboard and blog.

Below is her winning entry, and also a selection of the other entries, which as you’ll see, are of a very high standard.

Aurelia – 4 Larch

Thank you to all of the children who entered.

The Eco Logo competiton

Thank you to all pupils who entered the Eco Logo competition which was set just before Christmas.

The winner of the competition will see their logo featuring on any letters which are sent about Eco activity at the school and on the termly newsletter as well as being featured on the Eco display board and the blog.

Our Eco committee are due to meet next week and as part of the meeting will be deciding on a winner of the competition. We will let you know the winner in assembly soon.

Eco Display Board

Our new Eco display has gone up in the John Graves wing corridor.

It is currently displaying a collection of entries to last year’s competition to create a poster stopping food wastage in the dining hall.

Have a look at the display and let your Eco Warrior know what you think.