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Cycle to School

There has been such a good turn out for Cycle to School this year, with parents, pupils and teachers choosing two wheels to make their journey to school. The last date is after half term, on Thursday 8th June, so sign up now to be part of it!

Send your pictures to Mr Boynes of your experience to be included on the Eco blog.

Safe travel assembly coming up…

The Eco Warriors are working on preparing an assembly about safe travel out on the roads.

Tilly has written the script, Emilia has produced a powerpoint presentation and 8 of the Eco Warriors are going to help present our ideas to the rest of the school.

On Tuesday Mr Konig, our Eco Governor visited our weekly meeting to see how we were getting on with preparing the assembly and had lots of good things to say about it as well as some suggestions.

The Warriors are keen to encourage safety on the roads in the run up to the Cycle to School days in the Summer term.

Go Pro Cyclists!

Take a look at this shot from the camera of Mr Wooster taken amid Cycle to School traffic. It’s great to see so many cyclists on the roads.


Cycle to School

Cycle to School will be running again this Thursday 19th May. We look forward to welcoming those who have signed up for your free breakfast from 8am.


Tilly says ‘Cycle to School’


Cycle to School for the Bikers’ Breakfast

The school is preparing for the first Cycle to School day of four this term.

This Thursday 5th of May will be the inaugural Cycle to School with a Bikers’ Breakfast for every participant.

In all there will be 90 children, parents and teachers cycling to school this time and we hope to see more signing up to take part on one of the forthcoming dates.

If you are cycling remember to:

1. Wear and helmet and reflective clothing.
2. Cycle safely at all times with your adult.
3. Enter the school grounds through the back gate.
4. Collect your breakfast token from a member of staff at the bottom gate.

Enjoy cycling to school and be safe in the knowledge that you are helping the environment and keeping yourself healthy!