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Energy Alert

As a school we are very proud of our ability to create our own energy. These fantastic clips filmed with a drone show how we do it using solar panels without spoiling the look of the school.

Schoolhaus Aerial Footage from Chris Johnson on Vimeo.

We have had a delivery…

We have had another Spring Delivery won in a competition with Rocket Gardens. This included cabbages, green beans, a variety of lettuce leaves, beetroots, carrots, leeks, strawberries and potatoes.

These have all been potted or plants in beds this week by 3 Beech.

The Gardening Gurus have now harvested all the radishes and chives that we have grown and delivered these to the kitchen to be used in school lunches this week.

Welcome the Summer Term Gardening Gurus

Welcome back to a new and wonderful term in the Polytunnel.

Firstly, we have a brand new team of Gardening Gurus who are keen and enthusiastic gardeners. This is tremendous because this is the term in which we can really begin to grow and harvest lots of different plants, fruits and vegetables.

When we entered the Polytunnel on Monday we were very excited – our seedlings had grown massive! We have giant pumpkin plants growing, courgettes, garlic, strawberry plants and radishes.

Before we could begin harvesting, we had lots of weeding to catch up on as stinging nettles are trying to take over our beds. Lara, Emily and James were experts in removing the weeds to allow our plants to gain the most nutrients from the soil. We also had to top up some beds with more soil which Georgia, Maddie and Stanley were helpful in organising. James and Jyran helped Mrs Lucas to plant the rhubarb into our outdoor bed so fingers crossed we will have huge rhubarb plants in the months to come.

We we had a lovely first session this week, especially listening to Emily singing her way around the Polytunnel.

Thank you to all of my new Gardening Gurus and a special thank you to Esha for the photography.

Lots of people tried our radishes during lunchtime today and the feedback was that they were delicious.

 There has been good news and not so good news this week…

The good news is that we have created new beds for our raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry and tayberry bushes located outside the front of the Polytunnel.

The unfortunate news is that some creatures (likely to have beaks) have entered the Polytunnel, when we left the doors open on the sunny days last week, and eaten our peas, courgettes and beans. Luckily we had the excellent Gardening Gurus to resow the lost seeds and transfer the remaining plants into beds.

Holme Grange Bees

The bees are making honey and they LOVE eating icing sugar 🙂

Safe travel assembly coming up…

The Eco Warriors are working on preparing an assembly about safe travel out on the roads.

Tilly has written the script, Emilia has produced a powerpoint presentation and 8 of the Eco Warriors are going to help present our ideas to the rest of the school.

On Tuesday Mr Konig, our Eco Governor visited our weekly meeting to see how we were getting on with preparing the assembly and had lots of good things to say about it as well as some suggestions.

The Warriors are keen to encourage safety on the roads in the run up to the Cycle to School days in the Summer term.

It’s hotting up!

Thank goodness the temperature is getting warmer!

We have been able to harvest our leeks this week and give them to the kitchen to cook us up some delicious food.

We have planted some more seeds this week including french beans, peas, cucumbers and radishes.



It is Spring! Which means, it’s the time of year in which the Gardening Gurus will be at their busiest.

This week, we planted plenty of seeds including courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, chives and many more. We are even experimenting by sowing watermelon seeds to see if they like it in our warm Polytunnel.

We are aiming to sell some of our produce and plants in a plant sale later this term and during next term, so please keep your eyes peeled for more information! (Dates to be confirmed)

Thank you!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the children who have helped in Gardening Club throughout the year so far. Each of you has worked so hard over the terms to produce the produce we have and maintain our Polytunnel and school grounds.

This week, despite the rain, a few of us went to the Year 3 & 4 Outdoor Learning area to plant some daffodils. So keep any eye out this Spring for some beautiful news flower as you leave school through the back exit.

Meanwhile, the other children helped Mrs Lucas to plants some Pollinator Seedlings which, once grown and the weather improves, will be transferred to the pond area. These are to help the new Holme Grange Bees make lots of honey for us this year.

In addition to this, now that we have achieved our Level 3 RHS School Gardening Award, we have been kindly given a gift for a set of baby plants from Rocket Gardens which will be delivered shortly.

Gardening Gurus Spring Term

I would like to introduce you to the new team of Gardening Gurus for Spring 2017! Welcome to all new members and we have some returning members too.

We began this term by a wonderful question and answer session with our Bee Keeper, Mr Waddelove. Over the Christmas holidays he has given Holme Grange 4 Bee Hives to re-home. He explained how he will look after the bees and taught us lots of facts about how important bees are for the world we live in. We even got to try some of the honey the bees made last year. We are going to share what we learnt with the school briefly in Assembly this term.

During our second week back, the Gardening Gurus planted more garlic bulbs and watered the existing leek shoots, garlic, herbs and sweet peas (unfortunately our carrots didn’t make it through the winter months and will need to be re-planted when the weather improves 🙁

Thank you to the Ingham family for donating a home-grown avocado tree to the Gardening Club, Edgar and Rory helped to plant it in a bed in the Polytunnel until we can get a large pot for it to grow in.

If you have any questions about the Holme Grange bees or gardening in general, please see one of the Gardening Gurus and they will be happy to help. 🙂