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Holme Grange wins 1st Prize in Wokingham In Bloom

Last night the Gardening Gurus attending the awards ceremony for ‘Wokingham in Bloom’ in Wokingham Town Hall to collect 1st prize for the schools category in 2017.

Well done and thank you to all of the adults and children who contributed towards us achieving this fantastic award.

This week in Gardening Club…

We have been sowing more seeds to prepare for the Summer Fete and collecting herbs to give to the Kitchen Staff.

If anyone has any empty jam jars, please could they bring them to Miss Carberry as Gardening Club need them prior to the Summer Fayre.

Thank you to Emily for the photographs this week. 🙂

Supermoon Search

This week the Gardening Gurus tested out our new head torches for these dark winter days. We went in search for ‘The Supermoon’ but unfortunately it was too cloudy to see. I hope some of you were able to see it before you went to bed!

The Gardening Gurus nature walk

This week in Gardening Club, we had great fun walking around the school grounds using our torches to find our way. The Gardening Gurus were hunting for two natural items.

  1. Pine Cones
  2. Autumn Leaves

The leaves are to make ‘Leaf Juice’ which will make excellent fertilizer for our crops next year.

Wait and see what the Pine Cones are used for next week.


Eco Warriors receive their new badges

Today the new crop of Eco warriors recieved their badges to show that they are part of the group.


The badge is a reminder to them that they have a responsibility to inspire their class in all things Eco and work together to fulfill the aims of the group.

Here’s to a new year of the Eco Warriors at Holme Grange!

Eco Logo Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Aurelia who has won the Eco Logo competition. The vote was undertaken during an Eco Committee meeting which took place last week. Aurelia will see her logo used on Eco letters, the Eco newsletter and on the Eco noticeboard and blog.

Below is her winning entry, and also a selection of the other entries, which as you’ll see, are of a very high standard.

Aurelia – 4 Larch

Thank you to all of the children who entered.

The Eco Logo competiton

Thank you to all pupils who entered the Eco Logo competition which was set just before Christmas.

The winner of the competition will see their logo featuring on any letters which are sent about Eco activity at the school and on the termly newsletter as well as being featured on the Eco display board and the blog.

Our Eco committee are due to meet next week and as part of the meeting will be deciding on a winner of the competition. We will let you know the winner in assembly soon.

Eco Display Board

Our new Eco display has gone up in the John Graves wing corridor.

It is currently displaying a collection of entries to last year’s competition to create a poster stopping food wastage in the dining hall.

Have a look at the display and let your Eco Warrior know what you think.

Eco Points Winners!

The top 3 scoring Eco Points scoring classes for this term are as follows…

1. 2 Kestrels
2. 3 Sycamore
3. R Robins

Congratulations to Kestrels, this half term’s winners!

Eco Poll

The Eco team want to find out your answers to some questions about your Eco habits.

All you have to do is answer yes or no to the question in the green box on the left side of the page. There will be different questions coming up over the next few weeks.

You can see how the majority of the school answered by clicking ‘results’.