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EcoTeach is on the agenda!

The Eco Warriors have chosen Global Perspective as their main theme for this year.

The children are keen to spread the word about Eco issues affecting the world; things that they see in the news, that they care about passionately and want others to know about.

So, in Eco Warrior meetings and in their own time, the children have decided to create their own half-hour lessons that promote their ideas. We have decided to call this project EcoTeach!

Currently the Warriors are creating lessons on the following topics:

Deforestation (Harry)
Cobalt Mining (Molly, Aurelia, Natasha)
Global Warming (Emma, Holly, Georgia)
Animal Cruelty (Chloe, Rebecca)
Eco products (Alice, Ava, Millie)

Soon, lesson plans will be available to form teachers and to the Eco Warriors themselves to teach their forms about these subjects and more. If you have an idea for an EcoTeach lesson and would like to share it with the Warriors please comment below.

Supermoon Search

This week the Gardening Gurus tested out our new head torches for these dark winter days. We went in search for ‘The Supermoon’ but unfortunately it was too cloudy to see. I hope some of you were able to see it before you went to bed!

The Greenhouse Effect

This is a great video from YPTE (The Young People’s Trust for the Environment). It really clearly explains the process that is warming our planet.

There is a link to their website at the left-hand side of this page. Just click on YPTE to view some more informative videos.

Eco Poll

The Eco team want to find out your answers to some questions about your Eco habits.

All you have to do is answer yes or no to the question in the green box on the left side of the page. There will be different questions coming up over the next few weeks.

You can see how the majority of the school answered by clicking ‘results’.