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Eco’s Hands Up Presentation

This power point will explain our concerns over how our fellow students make their way to school and how this has changed over the course of a year. We compared statistics to determine how eco friendly our students are when it comes to travel.

by Charlie and Tom from year 7

Road Safety Matters

The Travel Plan group, in association with the Eco Warriors have been looking for ways to make the roads around our school safer and more inviting for those who wish to make travel sustainable.

We have just done a traffic survey which gives us some useful data on what type of traffic passes our school gates at different times of the day.

Below is a link to some information for parents and children on how to use the roads safely.


ECO DAY- September 17th

As a school we had an Eco Day on the 17th of September. We tried to do our best to save as much energy as we could on that day. The lights stayed off, we didn’t use computers and tried to conserve energy by keeping windows closed and switching off unnecessary equipment.

The results have now been collated by the number-crunchers at Eco Towers. We measured the electricity usage for the two weeks surrounding the date and the average amount of electricity used in a day was:

758 Kilowatts per hour

Then we compared it to our Eco Day when our usage was:

486 Kilowatts per hour

This represents an excellent reduction of 36% and shows how we can make a difference if we all work together to reduce energy waste. Watch this space for the next Eco Day when we can try to beat this reduction.

EcoTeach is on the agenda!

The Eco Warriors have chosen Global Perspective as their main theme for this year.

The children are keen to spread the word about Eco issues affecting the world; things that they see in the news, that they care about passionately and want others to know about.

So, in Eco Warrior meetings and in their own time, the children have decided to create their own half-hour lessons that promote their ideas. We have decided to call this project EcoTeach!

Currently the Warriors are creating lessons on the following topics:

Deforestation (Harry)
Cobalt Mining (Molly, Aurelia, Natasha)
Global Warming (Emma, Holly, Georgia)
Animal Cruelty (Chloe, Rebecca)
Eco products (Alice, Ava, Millie)

Soon, lesson plans will be available to form teachers and to the Eco Warriors themselves to teach their forms about these subjects and more. If you have an idea for an EcoTeach lesson and would like to share it with the Warriors please comment below.

Travel Survey

The school has been getting involved in the STARS travel survey, which aims to give us ideas of how to make travel to the school more sustainable.

All pupils and staff have been asked to answer questions about how they currently travel and how they would like to travel to school.


Holme Grange wins 1st Prize in Wokingham In Bloom

Last night the Gardening Gurus attending the awards ceremony for ‘Wokingham in Bloom’ in Wokingham Town Hall to collect 1st prize for the schools category in 2017.

Well done and thank you to all of the adults and children who contributed towards us achieving this fantastic award.

Working hard in Gardening Club

Level 4 RHS School Gardening Award

Holme Grown Gardening Club have had a BRILLIANT week. Firstly, we won the Wokingham in Bloom competition after a visit from the Mayor, Councillor Peter Lucey.

We have also achieved our Level 4 with the RHS School Gardening Awards.

Well done to everyone who has contributed to gardening this year. We have had a very successful year and are looking forward to many more achievements in the year ahead!




Gardening Gurus

Another successful afternoon in the Polytunnel.

We are on the lead up to the Summer Fete in which we will be selling our flowers and produce for only 50p each. We will look forward to seeing lots of you there. 🙂

Thank you to Newton for the photography.